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Fresh and Frozen Products

Our chicken fresh and frozen products:

Chicken: wholePollo Fresco
Leg: quartersMuslo de Pollo
Thigh: wholeMuslo Corto
Drumstick: whole
Drumstick: skinless
Muslo Largo
Breast: whole
Breast: skinless
Pechuga con Alas
Breast: split
Breast: wings less
Breast: skinless split
Breast: boneless, skinlessPulpa de Pechuga Especial
Hen: wholeGallina Entera
Gizzard: wholePancitas de Pollo
Liver: wholeHigado de Pollo
Heart: wholeCorazón
Neck: whole
Wing: wholeAlitas de Pollo
Wing: drumettesDrumettes de Pollo
Foot: wholeChicken Paws
Pet food: whole

Processed Products

Our chicken processed products:

Breaded chicken breasts
Breaded chicken burgers
Milanesas de Pollo
Breaded chicken breasts with Cheese
Breaded chicken burgers with Cheese
Milanesas de Pollo con Queso
Breaded chicken breasts with Ham
Breaded chicken burgers with Ham
Milanesa de Pollo con Jamón
Breaded chicken nuggetsPatitas de Pollo
Breaded cheese nuggetsQuesitas
Rolled chicken (with Cheese, Ham and Herbs)Arrollado de Pollo
Smoked chicken sausagesChorizos de Pollo
Chicken hamJamón de Pollo

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